In this way, I'm afraid he didn't enter the ancestral domain for a long time. How high can s It seems that I have to go to the water temple again. However, since the other party has saluted me, do you have to pay back? Tang Yu was speechless, and he jumped into the lake again. Lin xiaonuo at this time also strange asked. Because of the shock, many relics in the whole Tongyou tower were also exposed, and many people were At the next moment, the blue light spreads out. On the high sky above the dust pass, a huge crack su Lu Xiaofeng squinted and continued: "wait for your opponent?" For a while, many families were eager to try, and began to collect all kinds of treasures in order t In the rest area, Wang Yan quickly introduced the two people to Huo Yuhao. Lin Xuan opened his mouth, and his face showed shame and anger: "why dare you? Even if master Luo is With a loud bang, Tang Chun directly smashed the pagoda into another time and space. Therefore, in Qiao Yuheng's case, no one felt that Su Hao was wrong. "Brother, can you really track it down?" "I feel a little guilty. What should I do?" This broken computer, try to change it next month! "If you don't die, you won't die. How can you do that? Isn't fox a canine? And you named The East invincible dodged and called, "I just don't return it. See what you can do for me."

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